A visual exploration of the astonishing variety of technological tools we use to live our lives.

We employ a dazzling array of high-tech devices to make our lives easier. We use them for work and play, to communicate, navigate, create, and date, to cook, clean, lose ourselves and (literally) find ourselves.

Gizmo takes the reader on an illustrated journey, mapping out the amazing diversity of gadgets, classified by purpose and type, design, origins, colour and shape. The iconic, the frivolous, the utilitarian, and the unwanted inventions long consigned to the scrapheap.

Gizmo charts the evolution and genealogy of these devices, and uncovers the sometimes unexpected connections between them. For example, did you know how pocket calculators sparked a musical revolution?

Gizmo explains how the complexity and sophistication of gadgets has increased, and how some of them are developing minds of their own. We hear from the inventors who designed them, and the people who use them.

Gizmo reveals how these technologies have become the nexus of our interaction with each other and the world around us, shaping creativity and culture, storing memories, helping, guiding and, increasingly, thinking for us.


Category: Toys and games
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
Designed by Ralph H. Baer, Howard J. Morrison
Released: 1978

GRiD Compass

Category: Computers
Manufacturer: GRiD Systems Corp
Designed by: Bill Moggridge
Released: 1982